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FREE Lead Generating System For Vida Divina Representatives On My Team

Hi guys! As we are in Vida Divina pre launch, I made a quick video today to let you all know that I have special gift for anyone that signs up for my team as a Vida Divina representative. I will be giving everyone on my team at launch a FREE, fully customized lead generating system. This system will be set up and ready to go for EVERYONE on my team, FREE! This is a huge deal because everyone will be able to rock their business right out of the gate with a lead generating system already in place. I will be releasing more information about Vida Divina and this awesome system in the days to come. Be sure to sign up to my list!

Here’s the quick video that I posted today. Sorry about the poor video quality and my amateur video skills, still a little wet behind the ears in that department.  I’ll get better, I promise 😉



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    1. Product purchases are set to begin in about 2-3 weeks. Please check back to my blog often as I will have purchase links on my Vida Divina Products page as soon as product purchase goes live.

  1. I am so excited. The is awesome. Can’t wait to see the products take over the global market. Erin nice website you got. Can you talk more on the mortgage bonus

    1. I’m glad you like my website 🙂 When you reach a certain rank in Vida Divina you will receive a monthly mortgage bonus that gets paid directly to your lender. The bonus starts at $500 and goes all the way up to $3,000. If you don’t have a mortgage at that time, the bonus stacks up monthly and will be paid out when you do have a qualifying mortgage so you don’t miss out on the bonus. Pretty awesome stuff!!

    1. All reps will get a replicated site, but not a blog site like this. My husband and I build this from the ground up.

    2. All reps will get a replicated personal website not a blog site like this. My husband and I built this site from the ground up.

    3. My husband and I built this website from the ground up so you won’t get a site like this. Vida Divina does however give all reps a replicated website.

  2. i check the website and there is no information on the compensation plan or the type of network marketing you are using. that’s too bad, these information are key in network marketing. love you

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