I am happy to announce that I have more details to share about some of the Vida Divina products we are launching with.

Here is a list of Vida Divina products corporate has said you can be looking for when we launch.

* Factor Divina Nutritional Supplement drink w/ 33 organic super food nutrients
* Te Delgaza- the original detox and weight loss tea
* Ganoderma Capsules, pharmaceutical grade, 500mg
* Cordyceps Capsules, pharmaceutical grade, 500mgvida divina products
* Chaga Capsules, pharmaceutical grade, 500mg
* Time Capsules w/ 10 potent medicinal mushrooms
* Life Capsule weight loss pills, so safe they can be used for children.
* Electro Shot, electrolyte drinks packed with vitamins, nutrients, gano, chaga and cordyceps. They come in red, blue, white, green, purple and a children’s version. The kids version has ‘smart’ vitamins that help with focus, (commonly known to assist children with ADD) and includes omega vitamins.
* Meal Replacement Shakes that come in rich chocolate, vanilla, coffee, strawberry and pineapple.
* Chocolate Milk made with 100% organic chocolate, cinnamon and over 10 medicinal mushrooms.
* Sexual enhancement gel. “Venus” is pink, and it contains pomegranate which gives it a fruity taste and pink color. “Mars” is blue and contains blueberry to give it its color and taste. Can be taken orally or used topically

* Organic whole bean coffee infused with Ganoderma, Chaga and Cordyceps. Vida Divina owns the patent on this. No other company can sell medicinal mushroom-infused coffee beans. These beans come in a 2lb bag and make 130 cups of coffee.
* Instant coffee that contains 10 medicinal mushrooms. Package contains 60 sachets.
* Iced coffee flavored with cinnamon that comes in sachets of liquid that can be ripped open and mixed with 16-20oz of iced water. It can also be mixed with hot water, but it’s designed to make flavorful iced coffee.
* Liquid Gold, which contains various antiaging oils. This stuff can replace anything you use for your skin care regimen! 

Shop Vida Divina Products!

All of the products are $40 for distributors and $60 for customers. There are four different Vida Divina products franchise packages available. The package prices are $120, $300, $600, $1,200. Franchise owners can choose what products they would like included in the package.

Keep in mind that we own the manufacturing plant that produces these products. We are going to be releasing new products very regularly and will have well over 150 new products by this time next year! This company will have the most diverse variety of health and nutrition products on the market.

We still have FREE enrollment going on!! Get in and build your teams! Don’t wait any longer to join this amazing company. THE TIME IS NOW! Take your health and your finances to a whole new level with this once in a lifetime opportunity!


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    1. I believe that there will be, but they have not been made available as of yet. I think it will be made available when we are able to order the products.

    1. Official launch is today 8/1/16. Products should be becoming available for purchase gradually over the next few days or so.

    1. The life capsules are $60 for customers and $40 if you become a rep. You can purchase or sign up at

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