Armand has released a video with updated launch details. In the video he speaks about Vida Divina launch updates as well as a whole bunch of other information including…

Vida Divina Compensation Plan Complete Details!

View the full Compensation Plan and Business Overview here: vidadivinacompplan2016v1-2

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The author Erin


  1. Yes please, good morning, my name is jerry. how do I get started? That’s my number one question. Does it need money to register? If so how much? How much is one product pack? For the binary system, when I bring in one person how much do I earn in compensation? What if I bring two persons, what would be the calculation and also of each matching bonus? I still have more questions to ask but need to know these first. Please reply ASAP

  2. HI Erin,

    Can you please send me a copy of the comp plan. What is the return and refund policy?


    By the way are you located in Seattle area?

  3. Like the products mentioned, I would like to be part, what is the compensation plan. Is registration free? What is the cost of each products?

  4. HI there,

    I will ask different questions then…lol! I am in South Florida, approximately how many reps are in the US at this point and how many in Florida. How long has this company been in business and who is the President & VP? Sorry is this is also in the link–just direct me and send me whatever you can! Either way, I am interested in trying the tea!

    1. I could not tell you how many reps we have in Florida. However we have had nearly 100,000 reps sign up already and that number continues to grow. This is a brand new company and the CEO is Armand Puyolt. If you are interested in purchasing the tea, you can do so from this link here:

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