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We all know that this industry is founded and strongly based on good leaders. From CEO all the way down to us, the individual sales representatives and team leaders. It’s the foundation for a solid organization through and through. We are wholly blessed to have in Vida Divina Armand Puyolt as that leader.

A Good Leader Knows Hard Work And Dedication

Armand has seen success in this industry his entire life. He was the ultimate “network marketer” before he even knew what that meant. Armand knew at a very young age the value of hard work and getting the job done. When he was just a teenager he began selling candy at his school to supplement income for his struggling family. This venture proved to be quite successful and it eventually led him to a networkarmand-puyolt marketing company. By the time Armand was sixteen, he was already a top seller in his company. Armand was introduced to a man that took him under his wing and taught him about network marketing.

Good Leaders Know Teamwork

Armand has continued to go on to become one of the most successful leaders in this industry. Always keeping focus on hard work and ethics every step of his career. Armand was able to buy his first home at the age of eighteen and by the time he was twenty, was already a million dollar earner. He knows how to build teams that value teamwork and he knows how to build a business efficiently.

A Good Leader Knows Integrity

Integrity and hard work are Armands driving ideals. These qualities have not only made him a multi millionaire today but also carried him through some tough times. Armand has even overcome and survived a terminal illness. Through this battle and his struggles as a child Armand has developed relentless dedication and passion for family, team and helping others in need.

A Good Leader Leads With Love

Armand has been featured in Networking Times magazine and through his extraordinary success is well known as a leader in this industry today. And now with Vida Divina Armand Puyolt is launching his very own company. His hard work, dedication, industry experience and vida-divina-armand puyoltpassion are all at the helm of this exciting new company, Vida Divina. Armand knows what he is doing and what’s more, he cares about what he does with integrity every step of the way. Armand has put it all into building a legacy company.

This, representatives, is why we are so blessed to have in this awesome company Vida Divina Armand Puyolt as our leader!

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