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Vida Divina Pre Launch Shout Out! Vida Divina Representatives

vida divina pre launch

FREE Lead Generating System For Vida Divina Representatives On My Team

Hi guys! As we are in Vida Divina pre launch, I made a quick video today to let you all know that I have special gift for anyone that signs up for my team as a Vida Divina representative. I will be giving everyone on my team at launch a FREE, fully customized lead generating system. This system will be set up and ready to go for EVERYONE on my team, FREE! This is a huge deal because everyone will be able to rock their business right out of the gate with a lead generating system already in place. I will be releasing more information about Vida Divina and this awesome system in the days to come. Be sure to sign up to my list!

Here’s the quick video that I posted today. Sorry about the poor video quality and my amateur video skills, still a little wet behind the ears in that department.  I’ll get better, I promise 😉



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Become A Vida Divina Representative!

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Join This Exciting New Company And Become A Vida Divina Representative!

I am extremely excited to be able to introduce to you this incredible new company. Starting from the ground up with amazing leadership, outstanding healthy lifestyle products and the best compensation plan in the industry!
We are blessed to be under the leadership of Armand Puyolt.  He has so much to bring to the table from his lifetime of experience in direct sales and network marketing. Armand has made millions in this industry and has the heart and expertise to create a platform that will help anyone be successful in direct sales and network marketing. He so has the heart thatArmond Puyolt he has invested 33 million into his very own company, Vida Divina!

So, What Is Vida Divina?

Vida Divina is a line of health and nutrition products aimed at helping people truly discovering a healthy lifestyle as well as financial independence. One of our flagship items is an exclusive original Detox Tea! This tea has been a HUGE seller in other markets and now Vida Divina features it exclusively! Another flagship item will be a functional beverage with 33 power packed ingredients for increased energy, better sleep and overall health.
Vida Divina representativeWe are focused on products that people need at pricing that is affordable. None of our products are over $40!!!  We have a wide array of awesome products ranging from teas and coffee, skin care, weight loss, products designed for prostate health and cardiac health to sexual enhancement and so much more!
Vida Divina has been beta testing products and the results that I have seen are incredible! I personally have 2olbs to loose and can’t wait to get started using these effective products at a price that won’t break my bank account!

Why Should You Become A Vida Divina Representative?

Health care is a multi billion dollar industry and the popularity of health related products is on the rise every day. Vida Divina is not only a line of amazing health care products but also your opportunity to become a Vida Divina distributor and finally secure your financial independence. By becoming a Vida Divina representative or a Vida Divina distributor you will be able to tap into this huge market very cost effectively. Giving healthy options for your family, friends and customers while at the same time, building lucrative business partnerships.

We have our own manufacturing plant. This means we have the best ingredients and the best price point making more money available in the compensation plan! And the compensation plan is cutting edge! Vida Divina’s compensation plan is going to produce more $5,000 – $10,000/month earners than this industry has ever seen.

Here are some highlights from the compensation plan
  • 50%-70% progressive fast start bonus
  • 7 generation progressive check match
  • 20% presenter bonus
  • Customer 50% markup bonus
  • 100% points to binary
  • All products are $40=40 points
  • Progressive binary 5%-10% to 25%
  • Progressive home mortgage bonus
  • Progressive star points
  • Rank advancement awards
  • Volume does not reset if you are not binary qualified
  • And much, much more!….

Check out the full compensation plan and business overview here: vidadivinacompplan2016v1-2

We have a world class back office and we will have training and marketing materials: business cards, blitz cards, flyers and much more. We have company issued PDF’s that will be provided for free use, up and ready to go!
Vida Divina is opening in 10 countries: USA, Mexico, El Salvador, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. Launching with 18 products ready out of the gate and regular product releases. 100+ products are scheduled to be released in the next year!!

Join Our Team! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by~Start building your legacy today!

Launch is here!! Join Vida Divina on our team today! We have amazing placement among the top tier in this emerging company. Join now and begin your legacy! Our team is growing by the day and this is a prime position to be in with this brand new company. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and helping you grow your business as we all secure our health and wealth.


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